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Magnetotherapy machine manufacturers take you to understand the precautions for using magnetotherapy machine

1. The magnetotherapy machine manufacturer tells you that the incidence of side effects of magnetotherapy using magnetotherapy equipment is related to the strength of the magnetic field. , Do not use too strong magnetic field, it will help to reduce or avoid side effects.


Magnetotherapy machine manufacturers take you to understand the low frequency alternating magnetic field magnetotherapy equipment

The magnetotherapy machine manufacturer tells you that the low-frequency alternating magnetic field magnetotherapy equipment can generate a magnetic field whose strength and direction change regularly. The magnetotherapy machine manufacturer tells you that the intensity of magnetotherapy produced by this type of magnetotherapy equipment can depending on the design. Magnetic therapy machines with a single magnetic head, alternating magnetic field magnetic therapy machines with 2 magnetic heads, 4 magnetic heads, 10 magnetic heads, and 20 magnetic heads, can perform a single treatment.


Introduction of the Pulse and Rotate magnetotherapy machine

1. Pulse magnetotherapy machine uses an intermittent oscillator to generate intermittent pulse current, which can generate various shapes of pulse magnetic field by passing this current into the coil of the electromagnet. The characteristic of the pulsed magnetic field is that the magnetic field appears intermittently, and the changing frequency, waveform, and peak value of the magnetic field can be adjusted according to the needs.


What diseases can magnetotherapy machines treat or alleviate

A magnetotherapy machine is a machine that uses magnetic fields to act on acupuncture points and affected areas of the human body to achieve therapeutic purposes. The magnetic field includes a constant magnetic field, an alternating magnetic field, a pulsating magnetic field, a pulsed magnetic field, and the like.


Introduction of classification of magnetotherapy machine

The magnetotherapy method used by the magnetotherapy machine is to adjust the balance of the body's biological electromagnetism through the effect of the magnetic field on the meridians and acupoints, so as to achieve the purpose of curing diseases.


Does the TENS acupuncture pen has side effects    

Some people are afraid to use the TENS acupuncture pen because they do not understand its side effects after purchasing the acupuncture pen, which affects the treatment efficiency of the product. So are there any side effects of acupuncture pens? TENS acupuncture pen is a combination of contemporary science and technology and ancient traditional acupuncture. Everyone is worried about whether the laser acupuncture pen has side effects. But in fact, the laser beam of the TENS acupuncture pen only irradiates the acupuncture points, and will not damage the body surface.


Brief Introduction of the Portable DDS Equipment

Aukewel Portable DDS Equipment ABS-DDS-06 combines DDS, Vacuum, Heat, and Laser functions. It uses modern technology bionics and ergonomics technology to replace traditional massage, cupping, beauty, slimming, scraping, acupuncture, and other health exercises. Let people Massage can be anywhere, and it is easy to operate.


Structural features of TENS acupuncture pen

TENS acupuncture pen is an acupuncture pen that can determine the speed of needle insertion and limit the depth of needle insertion. TENS acupuncture pen is a steel part, the pen body is oval, the inside of the circle is the firing shaft hole, and the two ends of the oval are two depth-limiting shaft holes.


What are the storage precautions for the TENS acupuncture pen

The following paragraphs of this article will introduce the Precautions for storage of TENS acupuncture pen: 1. The TENS acupuncture pen emits an infrared invisible laser, and the user cannot see the beam.


Introduction of acupuncture and moxibustion used in TENS acupuncture pen

The acupuncture used in the TENS acupuncture pen is a general term for acupuncture and moxibustion. The TENS acupuncture pen manufacturer tells you that the acupuncture method used in acupuncture refers to piercing the needle (usually a filigree needle) into the patient's body at a certain angle under the guidance of traditional Chinese medicine theory.
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