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Oxy hydrogen Generators on sales

Compared with Oxy hydrogen Generators on sales, hydrogen generators are mainly used in the glass industry, electronic industry and annealing protection furnaces, etc., while Oxy hydrogen Generators on sales are mainly used in the cutting of various non-ferrous metals, cutting of carbon steel, and drawing of water injection in pharmaceutical factories. Sealing and various other flame processing fields.


Classifications of Oxy hydrogen generators in china

The oxy hydrogen generator in china is an electrochemical device that uses water electrolysis to generate Brownian gas. Oxy hydrogen generator in china generally includes a power supply system, electrolyzer system, steam-water separation system, cooling system, control system, safety anti-backfire system, and accessories using the hydrogen-oxygen generator (such as flame gun, flame arrester, and flame atmosphere) adjustment device) etc.


How to choose of H2 inhalation machine

Generally, we think that the H2 inhalation machine is to choose the pure hydrogen mode. As mentioned above, most of the current hydrogen inhalation machines are in the pure hydrogen mode. However, the quality and price of pure hydrogen H2 inhalation machines of different brands are different.


Selection of H2 inhalation machine

Is the pure hydrogen mode of the H2 inhalation machine 300ml or 600ml? Although the hydrogen in the H2 inhalation machine has great biological safety, the hydrogen detonation range (4-74%) is also considered.


Types of H2 inhalation machines

H2 inhalation machine in pure hydrogen mode, when inhaling hydrogen, the final inhalation is a mixture of hydrogen and air. Generally, for a 300 ml H2 inhalation machine, the final inhaled gas hydrogen accounts for about 2%. This concentration is considered to be an appropriate solubility because many studies use 2% of the hydrogen absorption concentration.


Features of the H2 inhalation machine

Learn about the hydrogen production method of the H2 inhalation machine. The high-concentration hydrogen-oxygen mixture is produced by the electrolysis of lye (adding strong alkali such as potassium hydroxide in water). The gas of the H2 inhalation machine itself will encounter electrostatic combustion and explosion (static electricity is ubiquitous), and this hydrogen production technology has been gradually phased out in the industry.


Tips for choosing an H2 inhalation machine

When choosing an H2 inhalation machine, you must first know the difference between a hydrogen-oxygen machine and a hydrogen-absorbing machine. The role of hydrogen absorption machines for hydrogen absorption is gradually understood by ordinary people. Now there are many hydrogen absorption machines on the market, and the price ranges from RMB to tens of thousands of yuan. How to choose an H2 inhalation machine will also trouble everyone. Master the following tips, you can choose a satisfactory home hydrogen inhalation machine for yourself.


A brief introduction to the hho H2 generator

The hho H2 generator is a self-adjusting hydrogen generator for hydrogen fuel cells, which consists of a fuel tank, a catalyst, and an opening part. Introduction. The hho H2 generator device includes the following components.


What to pay attention to in the practical application of hho H2 generator

In the practical application of the hho H2 generator, if you need to replace the color-changing silicone of the hho H2 generator, please follow the steps below:


The use of hho H2 generator in practical applications

As a green energy medium, the hydrogen used by the hho H2 generator can meet the requirements of resources, environment, and sustainable development at the same time, which is unmatched by other gases. hho H2 generator is to generate hydrogen by electrolysis. It uses potassium hydroxide aqueous solution as an electrolyte and precious metal as the electrode.
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