Cultural connotation of "AUKEWEL" brand

Olympic Games: the meaning of "Olympic Games" is that the Olympic Games is a grand meeting for the people of the world.

Peace, friendship and progress

Higher, faster, stronger

Scientific attitude and scientific technology

(attitude) rigorous, pragmatic and serious

Inheritance, development and innovation

Aukewel is based on the spirit of "Olympic Games"

(maintenance) honest and trustworthy, efficient implementation, win-win progress

(service) people-oriented, customer-oriented, create moving

Adhering to the scientific attitude, applying modern science and technology, we continue to launch world-class products and take it as our duty to maintain the health of all people in the world.

Cultural connotation of "AUKEWEL" brand

Green represents vitality, health and environmental protection.

Figure: art design with English letters "a" and "O", is the Pinyin spelling of Chinese "Ao", which means based on China and facing the world.


From the beginning, the logo design of the company showed the vision of the people.
Today, AUKEWEL products have gone to more than 100 countries and regions in the world, which also proves this strategy and courage!

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