The company has sustained high-quality development, and its product research and development has become more specialized, refined, characteristic and innovative. It has been successfully recognized as a "specialized and innovative" enterprise, and has been recognized as a "high-tech" enterprise for six consecutive years. It has innovative ability and awareness, keeps up with the national health strategic policy, constantly explores and practices, and strengthens its independent innovation and research and development capabilities. With the attitude of Excellence, we will go up and be determined on the road of specialization and innovation, and build a "perfect" big health leading enterprise.

2022-New breakthroughs

In 2022, with the official establishment of the Aukewel Party branch and the convening of the first party member congress, we have actively implemented innovative ideas and effectively utilized the role of the party in promoting development, reform and innovation. We have adhered to independent innovation and pursued intelligent and diversified development, constantly optimizing healthcare products. We have also actively promoted the high-quality development of the hydrogen energy industry, from independent research and development of electrolyzers to large-scale mass production, and further breakthroughs in self-developed membrane electrodes, achieving large-scale production of high-performance membrane electrodes in the future.

2021-new bureau

We do not forget our original intentions, and move forward together! Starting from the "core", with the hydrogen series independent research and development and production of electrolytic cells as the core, it will show new achievements at a new starting point and win the starting advantage of high-quality development in the hydrogen field of hydrogen life.

2020-set sail

In the past 20 years, Okowi has ushered in a great leap from creation, development to gradual improvement. With the rise of the Internet era, companies have developed online and offline e-commerce services in accordance with the current international market conditions and are standing in a brand new posture. In the international health industry

2019-take off

Obtained the "High-tech Enterprise" issued by Guangdong Science and Technology Bureau and the first national intellectual property system certification. Precipitation, which embodies the constant purpose of Okewei's technological innovation to drive enterprise development


On May 26, the company ushered in the relocation of the company and moved to the 20,000-square-meter modern independent industrial park in Shiji, Panyu, which opened a new era of Okovy and embarked on a journey of honor.