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By using high purity red or blue light, it can penetrate the skin and enter the blood and human tissue to absorb the spectrum resonance, which can accelerate blood circulation and inhibit inflammation. 1. Red and blue dual lights, complete functions 2. One-button start, easy operation 3. Convenient to carry, small and lightweight 4. Ergonomic design, 3D fit 5. Super long-lasting battery life. 6. Novel appearance, technological fashion.

Product Details

AUKEWEL RED/BLUE light Neck LED Tightening Device Massage Machines Shoulder Heated Care Intelligent Electric Wireless Neck Massager

Benefits of Red and Blue light:

Red light can improve circulation promote swelling and inflammation, Relieves pain, conducive to wound healing recovery.

Blue light has Rapid inhibition of inflammation and sterilization function.

Cervical spondylosis is treated with red and blue light, which can play the role of relaxing muscles and promoting blood circulation, can reduce the edema of ligament soft tissue around the cervical intervertebral foramen, can reduce the symptoms of cervical spondylosis nerve compression, and improve the symptoms of upper limb numbness and pain.

Why we choose AUKEWE Red/Blue Light Neck Massager?

Guangzhou Aukewel Electronic CO.,Ltd, established in 2000, so far 23 years already.Our company started from 400 square meters and 1 product item to 2010 year with 2 series product almost 9 items to 2020 year with 10 series, 38 items , 18000square meters.  We are a High -Tech enterprise with well-developed R&D team and numbers of patents in our products and certificate with ROHS, CE,TUV ISO 13485, ISO9001,FCC and FDA.

AUKEWEL deserve of your trust!


Product Name


Battery Capacity

Neck LED Tightening Device




Voltage Rating

Current / Voltage



5V 2A

Charging Interface

Charging Time

Working Time

Type-C USB

2 hours



Small and Exquisite release the pressure on the cervical spine.

Beautiful and Powerful!

With a 20 degree adjustment angle, suitable for different sizes of neck

It can be used 8-10 times at a full charge.

COMPARISON with Peer Products:

Suitable For : Office worker, Drivers, Night cats, Low-head people etc...all the people with spinal discomfort.

As a health gift for your parents and friends is a good choice!

Company Profile

Guangzhou Aukewel Electronic Co.,Ltd, established on 2000,  is a professional manufacturer, which focus on research, development, production of health & medical products such as hydrogen, ultraosund, infrared, vibration, magnetotherapy, TENS, etc. We offer OEM & ODM services. We got certificates such as TUV ISO13485, medical CE, ROHS, REACH, etc. We strictly comply production with TUV ISO13485 standard, our products are certificated by medical CE, ROHS, REACH, SGS, etc.

Why Choose Us?

  1. We have a R&D team of over 20 persons with over 10 years experience providing professional technical support.
  2. We always launch 2-3 new items every year.
  3. Premium quality: we select every part of the product carefully; verify each performance of the product
  4. 4repeatedly to assure our quality with strict quality test.

The business territory has grown steadily, exported worldwide to more than 50 countries and 200 regions in Europe, America, and Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea, etc.

Product Package


Q1. Can I get a sample?

Yes, please contact us to order sample

Q2. Can you provide OEM service?

Yes, we can produce under your private brand name, we can help design artworks if needed.

Q3. Can you create a product according to my request?

Yes, we have R&D team to offer ODM service. Please contact us for your demand.

Q4. How can I trust your quality?

We strictly manage and control quality according to TUV ISO13485, a production system certification. We have seven procedures for quality inspection

Q5. How can I get some more information about the products?

Please email or whatsapp or wechat us for more detail information.

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