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Social Responsibility
Social Responsibility

Alcovey actively participates in respect-for-the-old activities to pass on warmth and return to society

Respect and love for the elderly are the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation. In today's society, it has become the responsibility and obligation of everyone to care for the elderly. Through this event, Okewei set an example and will actively carry out activities to respect and love the elderly in the future, carry forward the good fashion of respecting and loving the elderly, and further promote the spirit of selfless dedication and caring and mutual assistance, so that the elderly can truly feel the social warm.

Guangzhou Aokewei assists Guangdong Yixin Charity Foundation to carry out visits to students

After the end of the love student visit activity, Chairman Okowish called on more social organizations and caring people to extend a helping hand to care for the poor children and take the lead in donating money. Volunteers from Okowi also actively donate, hoping to do their part to allow more poor students to study, help them grow up healthily, and progress to become talents. I hope that the love and education activities can be carried out in a long-term, so that love can not stop. When it comes to charity, Chairman Xu believes that people have different abilities, but good deeds must be consistent and persistent. On the road to charity, he has been doing his best to influence a group of people around him, and he has also implemented the charity culture of charity in his business, so that employees can have great love in their hearts.
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