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The role and use of sodium hypochlorite disinfectant

The coronavirus pneumonia epidemic is affecting everyone's attention, and strengthening protection is an important means to avoid the spread of similar infectious diseases. This incident has significantly increased people’s awareness of health protection, including people consciously quarantining at home during the Spring Festival to reduce the risk of transmission. It is precisely because of the participation of the whole people that there is a shortage of epidemic prevention materials. It is not just a shortage of masks. Years ago, the 75% alcohol and sodium hypochlorite disinfectant in major pharmacies and supermarkets were also sold out, and a bottle was hard to find.

"European Respiratory Magazine" Zhong Nanshan shares anti-epidemic experience to the world and emphasizes the value of hydrogen

The hydrogen-oxygen mixture has been used in the treatment of new coronavirus pneumonia in China, but it should be the first to be published in an international academic journal in the form of an official article. Although it is only a review form, the content is more formal and comprehensive, and it is a very important document. It is recommended that you study carefully after downloading.

"CCTV Discovery Journey" broadcasts "Antioxidant Sword-Hydrogen"

On February 3, 2016, CCTV's Discovery Journey "Health Camp" broadcasted a popular science documentary "Antioxidant Sword-Hydrogen". This film is an introduction by domestic experts on the concept of hydrogen medicine.
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