Guangzhou Aukewel participated in the provincial charity auction event for charity


On November 9, 2019, the third service team of Guangdong Yixin Charity Foundation held a charity auction event with the theme of "carrying the goodness and working together" at the Changlong International Convention and Exhibition Center. Xu Lian, chairman of Guangzhou Okovy , General Manager Yang Bo and a number of middle-level managers and customers attended the event to jointly contribute to the charity cause.


Chairman Xu Lian and General Manager Yang Bo attended the charity auction event of the Third Service Team of the Provincial Yixin Charity Foundation


At the charity auction event, good people gathered and love was surging. Hundreds of well-known artists, caring people, and volunteers from inside and outside the province gathered for kindness and took pictures for love.



As the influence of the Shengyixin Charity Foundation has increased year by year, in addition to the personal donations of art masters and caring people, some organizations also donated high-value lots in the name of groups this year. The charity auction received strong support from caring people from all walks of life. They came from all directions to participate in the good auction, and some authors and donors of the lot also visited the scene.



In this charity auction, caring people are not only auctioning treasures, but also spreading love. Although the market prices of good products are different, the love is the same. Each good product carries infinite "love" and "kindness", and each caring person conveys infinite "kindness" and "she". The power of kindness and kindness is far Far beyond the price itself, the love they bring to society is priceless.



Chairman Xu Lian bid for the author Qiao Ping's "Come and Be More Wonderful Together" in the name of the company



General Manager Yang Bo bid for the author Yang Zhiguang's "Qu Yuan Poems" in his own name


"Love is no matter how big or small, and charity is no particular order." Caring people on the scene held placards, bidding noises one after another, and auction climaxes. In this atmosphere, Guangzhou Okewei Chairman Xu Lian and General Manager Yang Bo successively bid for Qiao Ping’s "Let’s Be More Wonderful Together" and Yang Zhiguang’s "Qu Yuan Poems". Every time the bidding, applause rang through the venue and the audience was boiling. . The two leaders, middle managers and clients and friends donated more than 700,000 yuan.




Chairman Xu Lian, General Manager Yang Bo, middle managers and client friends donated more than 700,000 yuan


The third service team of the Provincial Yixin Charity Foundation successfully held the charity auction event. The good products and the love are constant. Every good product exudes the fragrance of love. Every caring person is filled with a kind smile. The sublimation of "love" and "goodness" can be felt during the second auction. Righteous deeds and good deeds are eternal relay races, goodwill is being passed, and great love will continue! As the founding captain of the third service team, Chairman Xu Lian of Okowi has been actively participating in charity and charity for more than ten years, and has led the whole Okowi to carry out charity activities together without interruption.



Alcovey's Chairman Xu Lian and General Manager Yang Bo and his team have carried out visits and aid activities with the Provincial Yixin Charity Foundation for many years



On the road to charity, Mr. Xu and Mr. Yang have been practicing and advancing tirelessly. In operating companies, the two leaders implement the culture of great love for charity and charity, allowing employees to have great love in their hearts. It is these two leaders who have guided Aukewel people to stay true to their original aspirations, keep their mission in mind, actively promote the concept of corporate social responsibility, and jointly contribute to social welfare undertakings.

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