The use of hho H2 generator in practical applications


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Time of issue:   2022-10-20 17:14:07.000

As a green energy medium, the hydrogen used by the hho H2 generator can meet the requirements of resources, environment, and sustainable development at the same time, which is unmatched by other gases. hho H2 generator is to generate hydrogen by electrolysis. It uses potassium hydroxide aqueous solution as an electrolyte and precious metal as the electrode.

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hho H2 generator generally adopts medium membrane separation technology to completely separate hydrogen and oxygen and adopts transition metal catalysis technology in the electrolytic cell, so that the purity of hydrogen production and oxygen content is less than 3PPM. It saves the labor of handling the cylinders and only needs to tighten the power switch to produce hydrogen. It can be used continuously or intermittently.
The hho H2 generator is mainly composed of an electrolysis system, a pressure control system, a purification system, and a display system. The electrolytic hydrogen adopts the current advanced membrane separation technology, and the pressure control system composed of an infrared photoelectric feedback device and a switching power supply can make the amount of hydrogen generated according to The output needs to be automatically adjusted to maintain the stability of the output flow and pressure.
Through the above introduction and analysis of the use of hho H2 generator in practical applications, hope it helps you.


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