What should be noticed when using Hydrogen inhalers in China


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Time of issue:   2023-02-16 11:13:49.000

1. Turn off the flame. A hydrogen inhaler in china tells you that when the machine is not used for a long time, it should be turned off. 2. Shut down. 1) Make sure that the gas equipment of the Hydrogen inhaler in China has been turned off, if not turned off, it should be turned off first.

Hydrogen inhaler in china
2) Turn off the local power switch of the Hydrogen inhaler in china. 3) Turn off the user wall power switch. 4) Open the gas valve of the gas equipment, exhaust the residual gas in the hydrogen-oxygen generator, and then close the gas valve of the gas equipment.
When the water level of the auxiliary water tank of the Hydrogen inhaler in china machine is low, the buzzer will sound continuous while the water filling indicator light is on, indicating that pure water (not electrolyte) should be added to the auxiliary water tank. until the light goes off. How to choose a hydrogen inhalation machine, in general, you should choose a hydrogen inhalation machine with an aftermarket brand of pure hydrogen mode, 300ml for health care, and 600ml for adjuvant treatment. When everyone pays attention to the pure hydrogen absorber, one of the more important things is to understand its hydrogen production mode/principle.
Through the above introduction and analysis of what should be noticed when using Hydrogen inhalers in China, hope it helps you.


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