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Time of issue:   2023-02-09 10:44:03.000

1. Under normal circumstances, drain the electrolyte in the Hydrogen inhaler on sales machine and replace it with a new one after every six months of use. If the Hydrogen inhaler on sales is working normally (no change in gas production), then it should be maintained once a year. Please refer to Chapter 14 for cleaning and liquid replacement operations.

Hydrogen inhaler on sales
2. Regularly check whether the pipe joints in the Hydrogen inhaler on sales machine are loose or leaking. Method: Just close the gas valve of the gas equipment or directly block the gas outlet on the rear panel. After the pointer of the pressure gauge reaches the overpressure setting value, generally (0.19Mpa), will it drop after 5 minutes? If it does, the machine has air leakage; if not, the machine is in normal use, and if there is air leakage, it needs to be re-tightened and sealed.
3. Frequently clean the power supply and the entire Hydrogen inhaler on sales machine with dry compressed air. 4. Regularly check the switching status of the solenoid valve in the machine, that is, whether the water filling solenoid valve has normal magnetic attraction when the water filling indicator light is on.
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