Considerations for Hydrogen inhaler Wholesale Price


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Time of issue:   2023-02-02 09:54:27.000

1. Hydrogen inhaler Wholesale Price tells you that the external power supply of this machine is a three-phase four-wire 380V. If the neutral wire is not connected, the machine will not work, and the lack of phase operation will damage the machine. Hydrogen inhaler Wholesale Price tells you that use pure water, long-term use of unfiltered tap water may clog the pipes, it is recommended to use pure water to prolong the service life of the machine. The working environment temperature is 0-40 ℃, well ventilated, and it is forbidden to work in a closed environment.

Hydrogen inhaler Wholesale Price
2. Hydrogen inhaler Wholesale Price tells you that this machine requires the external power grid to have a good lightning protection effect, otherwise it should be turned off and cut off the power supply when lightning strikes. It is strictly forbidden to wash the machine with water, only clean the dust inside the machine with a clean rag or compressed air. When starting up the machine, no smoking or other fire sources are allowed within 5m of the machine. If the gas outlet or other parts of the machine catch fire, you only need to turn off the power immediately (it will automatically go out when the remaining gas in the machine is exhausted).
3. Hydrogen inhaler Wholesale Price tells you that the voltage is too high when the machine is working, and the external power supply is too high will directly damage the onboard IGBT inverter DC power supply (normally used at 380V±10%), if the site voltage is high, An external voltage regulator can be used to stabilize the voltage to 380V±10%. If the power supply is overloaded for a period of time, the machine will automatically protect itself, and the current adjustment knob should be adjusted to the minimum immediately. After the fan cools the inside of the power supply, it can work normally, but when it is used again, the gas production should not be adjusted to the previous level. Overloaded again.
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