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Time of issue:   2023-01-19 10:52:10.000

After the power switch is turned on and the self-test of the hydrogen oxygen inhaler is completed (about 10 seconds), the gas production volume can be set. The method of the Hydrogen inhaler For sale is as follows: Slowly rotate the current adjustment knob clockwise, the meter will indicate the change of the gas production value, and set the appropriate gas production according to the gas consumption (if the last setting is used, it can not be adjusted).

Hydrogen inhaler For sale
During the normal use of the Hydrogen inhaler For sale machine, the machine's pressure gauge should be higher than 0.03Mpa and lower than 0.14Mpa. When igniting, slowly open the gas valve of the gas equipment, try the gas outlet of the gas equipment with the back of your hand, and ignite when there is obvious gas pressure output.
Hydrogen inhalers For sale can be ignited with a lighter or an igniter. It is recommended to use an igniter to ignite (the igniter can be bought in a place that sells hotel kitchen utensils, and it is used to light the fierce stove in the hotel kitchen). When igniting, any body part cannot be located within the range covered by the gas outlet to prevent burns from high-temperature hydrogen-oxygen flames. The ignition should be from the side of the gas outlet.
Through the above introduction and analysis of the Hydrogen inhalers For sale introduces how to set the gas production, hope it helps you.


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