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Time of issue:   2022-12-15 14:23:06.000

The oxy hydrogen generator in china is an electrochemical device that uses water electrolysis to generate Brownian gas. Oxy hydrogen generator in china generally includes a power supply system, electrolyzer system, steam-water separation system, cooling system, control system, safety anti-backfire system, and accessories using the hydrogen-oxygen generator (such as flame gun, flame arrester, and flame atmosphere) adjustment device) etc.

oxy hydrogen generator in china
Oxy hydrogen generator in china is divided into hydrogen-oxygen separation type and hydrogen-oxygen mixed type. Among them, the hydrogen-oxygen generator of the hydrogen-oxygen separation type is also called a hydrogen generator. The main difference between the hydrogen generator and the hydrogen-oxygen generator is that the hydrogen generator electrolyzer includes a diaphragm for separating hydrogen and oxygen, a balance valve to maintain the pressure balance on both sides of hydrogen and oxygen, and a device to further purify hydrogen. Hydrogen purification equipment, etc.
Therefore, the cost of the hydrogen generator is at least five times more expensive than that of the hydrogen-oxygen generator. According to gas production, oxy hydrogen generator in china can be divided into micro-hydrogen-oxygen generators and medium and large-scale hydrogen-oxygen generators. The users of miniature hydrogen and oxygen generators are commonly known as water welding machines, while medium and large-scale hydrogen and oxygen generators are called hydrogen and oxygen generators.
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