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Time of issue:   2022-11-03 15:25:17.000

The hho H2 generator is a self-adjusting hydrogen generator for hydrogen fuel cells, which consists of a fuel tank, a catalyst, and an opening part. Introduction. The hho H2 generator device includes the following components.

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The hho H2 generator has a fuel tank with a defined interior space of rated volume, the fuel tank is equipped with a hydrogen discharge port in communication with the interior space; a catalyst containing hydrogen storage material and stored in the fuel tank, wherein the catalyst is filled for the catalytic reaction Inside the reactor, the reactor is equipped with a closing part, which can be used to block the contact between the catalyst and the fuel liquid, and an opening part in contact with the fuel liquid, so it can actively adjust whether to generate hydrogen or not according to the rise and fall of the pressure in the fuel tank. Hydrogen generation was discontinued.


hho H2 generator consists of the electrolytic cell, pure water tank, hydrogen/water separator, collector, dryer, sensor, pressure regulating valve, switching power supply, and other components. After electrification, the cathode of the electrolysis cell produces hydrogen, the anode produces oxygen, and the hydrogen enters the hydrogen/water separator. The oxygen is vented to the atmosphere and a hydrogen/water separator separates the hydrogen and water.

After the hydrogen enters the dryer for dehumidification, it is adjusted to the rated pressure (adjustable from 0.02 to 0.45 MPa) through the pressure-stabilizing valve and the regulating valve and is output from the outlet. The hydrogen production pressure of the electrolytic cell is controlled by the sensor at about 0.45MPa. When the pressure reaches the set value, the power supply of the electrolytic cell is cut off; when the pressure drops, the power supply of the hho H2 generator will resume power supply when the pressure is lower than the set value.

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