Benefits of Hydrogen for Stroke Treatment


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Time of issue:   2022-10-14 17:11:58.968

More than ten years ago, scientists first reported that 2% hydrogen inhalation could treat cerebral ischemia-reperfusion injury and reduce the size of cerebral infarction, which opened a turning point in hydrogen medical research.

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In the later period, many scientific studies verified the protective effect of this ingredient on brain damage. These scientific studies remind us that hydrogen can be used in the treatment of cerebrovascular accidents, assisting various treatment methods, minimizing the risk of death, and alleviating the occurrence of cerebral apoplexy sequelae.
Usually, timely treatment after the onset of a stroke can effectively save lives. However, the occurrence of a stroke means that cardiovascular and cerebrovascular problems have occurred. Moreover, the recurrence of stroke is extremely high, the recurrence of stroke is about 27%. The use of hydrogen in the process of stroke rehabilitation can effectively prevent the recurrence of stroke, promote the repair and renewal of brain cells, and has effective value in stroke rehabilitation.
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