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Time of issue:   2022-08-11 15:33:12.000

1. Pulse magnetotherapy machine uses an intermittent oscillator to generate intermittent pulse current, which can generate various shapes of pulse magnetic field by passing this current into the coil of the electromagnet. The characteristic of the pulsed magnetic field is that the magnetic field appears intermittently, and the changing frequency, waveform, and peak value of the magnetic field can be adjusted according to the needs.

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How to use: The output wire end of the pulse magnetotherapy machine is connected to one pole of the magnetic sheet, and the other pole of the magnetic sheet is attached to the acupoint or the treatment site, and then a pulse current is applied. The current intensity is from small to large. limited to the patient's tolerance. Each treatment is 20 to 30 minutes, once a day or every other day.
2. Rotate magnetotherapy machine. Gyromagnetic therapy is a treatment method using a treatment machine that generates a rotating magnetic field. During treatment, the magnetic head of the gyromagnetic treatment machine is placed on the diseased part or acupoint for treatment.
The area of ​​the diseased part is large, and 2 to 3 magnetic heads can be used at the same time; when performing acupoint therapy, only one magnetic head that rotates magnetotherapy machine is used. The magnetic head of the treatment should be in close contact with the skin, and there should be no gaps to prevent excessive attenuation of the magnetic field from affecting the curative effect. How to use: Turn on the power switch to start treatment. Each acupoint or diseased part is treated for 20 minutes, once a day, 10 times as a course of treatment. The treatment interval is 3 days.
Through the above introduction and analysis of the Pulse and Rotate magnetotherapy machine, hope it helps you.