How to choose of H2 inhalation machine


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Time of issue:   2022-12-08 13:13:47.000

Generally, we think that the H2 inhalation machine is to choose the pure hydrogen mode. As mentioned above, most of the current hydrogen inhalation machines are in the pure hydrogen mode. However, the quality and price of pure hydrogen H2 inhalation machines of different brands are different.

H2 inhalation machine Wholesale Price
The most critical is the quality of the proton membrane in the proton membrane electrolyzer in the H2 inhalation machine. The proton membrane currently produced has good performance and long life, and of course, the price is very expensive, so many manufacturers claim that their hydrogen absorption machine uses a proton membrane, but it is not.
H2 inhalation machine manufacturers need to have technical strength to provide after-sales service; high reputation and a certain position in the industry or the hydrogen medical and health industry association; enterprises are concerned about public welfare, and have many styles, and have their own R&D teams or research institutes;
It is necessary to observe whether the H2 inhalation machine of a certain manufacturer has a large sales volume. The larger the sales volume, the more mature the product is, and the corresponding after-sales service will be smoother.
Through the above introduction and analysis of how to choose of H2 inhalation machine, hope it helps you.