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Time of issue:   2022-12-01 13:03:00.000

Is the pure hydrogen mode of the H2 inhalation machine 300ml or 600ml? Although the hydrogen in the H2 inhalation machine has great biological safety, the hydrogen detonation range (4-74%) is also considered.

 H2 inhalation machine from China manufacturer
If the hydrogen solubility of the H2 inhalation machine is 4-74%, as long as there is air (sufficient oxygen) in it, then it will explode when it encounters a spark, and the explosion is caused by violent combustion in a very short period of time. The hydrogen content of 4-9% in the air will not cause an explosion, but will only burn, which is relatively safe.
The H2 inhalation machine in the hydrogen-oxygen mode produces 66% hydrogen and 33% oxygen. If this proportion of hydrogen and oxygen can be completely burned, the combustion is instantaneous and continuous, and it will happen in a limited space. explode. The selection criteria of the H2 inhalation machine are to choose 300ml for general health care purposes, and choose 600ml if the patient needs to use it for adjuvant therapy.
Through the above introduction and analysis of the Selection of the H2 inhalation machine, hope it helps you.