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Time of issue:   2022-11-24 10:13:25.000

H2 inhalation machine in pure hydrogen mode, when inhaling hydrogen, the final inhalation is a mixture of hydrogen and air. Generally, for a 300 ml H2 inhalation machine, the final inhaled gas hydrogen accounts for about 2%. This concentration is considered to be an appropriate solubility because many studies use 2% of the hydrogen absorption concentration.

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In addition, in some places, hydrogen inhalation with a concentration of 2% is defined as a medical behavior, which can play a role in the adjuvant treatment of diseases. The current indication is the protection of brain damage after cardiac arrest.

However, the hydrogen of the H2 inhalation machine has great safety, and no studies have found that large doses of hydrogen have side effects, so it is generally used in tumor prevention or adjuvant therapy to inhale large doses of hydrogen.

From a practical point of view, many patients who use the 600ml hydrogen inhalation machine have achieved amazing results. If you use a 600 ml (hydrogen production per minute) H2 inhalation machine for hydrogen inhalation, pure hydrogen reaches the nostrils and is mixed with air and inhaled, and the proportion of inhaled gas hydrogen is about 3.8%.

Through the above introduction and analysis of the Types of H2 inhalation machines, hope it helps you.