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Time of issue:   2022-11-17 10:06:37.000

Learn about the hydrogen production method of the H2 inhalation machine. The high-concentration hydrogen-oxygen mixture is produced by the electrolysis of lye (adding strong alkali such as potassium hydroxide in water). The gas of the H2 inhalation machine itself will encounter electrostatic combustion and explosion (static electricity is ubiquitous), and this hydrogen production technology has been gradually phased out in the industry.

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Due to its relatively large power, the electrolysis process generates a lot of heat, and some strong alkali steam will flow out mixed with gas, which has a greater adverse effect on the body. This technology is definitely impossible to apply to the medical field. However, the hydrogen in the H2 inhalation machine is extremely safe, and no studies have found that large doses of hydrogen have side effects, so it is generally used in tumor prevention or adjuvant therapy to inhale large doses of hydrogen.

For the H2 inhalation machine, the general hydrogen-oxygen hydrogen absorption machine uses enhanced alkali to produce hydrogen, and pure hydrogen production uses pure water proton membrane to produce hydrogen.

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