Does the TENS acupuncture pen has side effects    


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Time of issue:   2022-07-09 15:46:41.458

Some people are afraid to use the TENS acupuncture pen because they do not understand its side effects after purchasing the acupuncture pen, which affects the treatment efficiency of the product. So are there any side effects of acupuncture pens?

TENS acupuncture pen TENS acupuncture pen

TENS acupuncture pen is a combination of contemporary science and technology and ancient traditional acupuncture. Everyone is worried about whether the laser acupuncture pen has side effects. But in fact, the laser beam of the TENS acupuncture pen only irradiates the acupuncture points, and will not damage the body surface.

On the contrary, in broken skin, ulcers, and mucous membranes, the use of a TENS acupuncture pen has a very good therapeutic effect. TENS acupuncture pens can reduce inflammation and pain, and promote inflammation subsidence and ulcer healing. People can use acupuncture pens with confidence, and they can also use infrared rays regularly because acupuncture pens have no major side effects.

In the treatment of chronic inflammation, the infrared rays in the TENS acupuncture pen can improve blood circulation, increase the phagocytic function of cells, eliminate swelling, and promote the dissipation of inflammation. The infrared rays in the TENS acupuncture pen can reduce the excitability of the nervous system, relieve pain, relieve striated muscle and smooth muscle spasms, and promote the recovery of nerve function. At the same time, it can also play a role in weight loss and beauty. TENS acupuncture pen has no adverse effects and can be used frequently.

Through the above introduction and analysis of the TENS acupuncture pen, hope it helps you.