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Time of issue:   2022-07-09 15:44:50.208

Aukewel Portable DDS Equipment ABS-DDS-06 combines DDS, Vacuum, Heat, and Laser functions. It uses modern technology bionics and ergonomics technology to replace traditional massage, cupping, beauty, slimming, scraping, acupuncture, and other health exercises. Let people Massage can be anywhere, and it is easy to operate.

Portable DDS Equipment For salePortable DDS Equipment is welcomed by many channels such as health clubs, beauty salons, and families. The products are more humanized, comfortable, technological, and fashionable.
1. Health club. The Portable DDS Equipment product is an indispensable instrument for the health care museum to provide people with services such as meridian health beauty slimming, massage health Chinese medicine prevention, and decompression.
2. Beauty salon. Portable DDS Equipment is a piece of good equipment for beauty care, beauty care slimming, and fat reduction.
3. Family. The Portable DDS Equipment product can be used for home health care. It is suitable for the elderly with backache and foot pain. It is also suitable for children who suffer from bruises and bruises.
At the same time, Portable DDS Equipment is more suitable for office workers with diseases such as shoulder circumference and lumbar vertebrae.
Through the above introduction and analysis of the Portable DDS Equipment, hope it helps you.


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