The role of Portable DDS Equipment


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Time of issue:   2022-07-08 14:05:34.855

Portable DDS Equipment can activate cells, dredge meridians, and balance human potential. Through the combination of meridian health culture and modern bioelectricity principle ridge the meridians, purify the blood activate the human cells, and balance the human body's potential.

Portable DDS Equipment Wholesale PriceThe effects of Vacuum function. Portable DDS Equipment can promote the circulation of blood and lymph It can provide sufficient nutrition and oxygen for muscle tissue and peripheral nerve so as to form metabolism and activate cells.
Stimulates subcutaneous muscle tissue and nerve endings. Portable DDS Equipment can regulate and calm the brain center so that the damaged soft tissue can eliminate swelling and pain, and relieve muscle tension and paralysis.
Portable DDS Equipment can accelerate the elimination metabolism of body waste and toxins purify the blood, it can improve the body's nutrition and oxygen status strengthens, change the tension and permeability of blood vessels, promote antibody production, and enhance cell phagocytosis.
Adjusting body information (fixed frequency and bioelectricity). Each organ of the human body has its own specific biological information. When it occurs, the information will change and the physical condition will deteriorate The Portable DDS Equipment product adjusts body information through stimulation and energy transfer.
Through the above introduction and analysis of the role of Portable DDS Equipment, hope it helps you.