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Time of issue:   2022-07-08 14:05:35.538

It is not difficult to attract investment in medicine, but not easy to say. The important thing is that managers and executives can do their best. Do you know the difference between pharmaceutical investment and pharmaceutical representatives? The following medical agent network will introduce for everyone.


In layman's terms, when medicine is inviting investment, medicines are sold directly to agents, and medicine representatives are directly selling medicines to terminals.


In terms of the system, pharmaceutical investment and pharmaceutical representatives are one mode in pharmaceutical sales, and the other is a general term for pharmaceutical sales; there are multiple modes of pharmaceutical sales, such as channel mode, clinical mode, investment mode, etc., mostly targeted at It is the big pharmacy (OTC) and the hospital (clinical).


In detail:


Pharmaceutical investment: This sales model only needs to be sales between pharmaceutical manufacturers and agents. That is, the drug manufacturer sells the drugs to the agents at the reserve price and signs a series of contracts. Such as agent area, agent price, follow-up support, etc.


Therefore, the job content of the medical investment commissioner or manager is to find a suitable agent, then negotiate and sign the order, then the delivery, and finally the follow-up support, such as product information, product technology, product market and price maintenance, etc., may travel frequently .


Medical representative: Medical representative is a profession, which also means medical sales. Its work is mainly for pharmaceutical factories or drug agencies to go to the hospital to sell and promote the drugs of the factory. The general promotion targets are: hospital departments, competent departments, channels, etc. Generally, the number of transactions is relatively large but the volume is small.


If it is a clinical hospital, you need to stay in the hospital frequently; if it is OTC, it is generally the channel. The daily work is to have a good relationship with logistics and distribution, urging them to complete the agreement, monitor the flow of drugs, maintain the market, and manage well Drug prices, etc.


The above is the difference between medical investment promotion and medical representatives introduced by the medical agent network. Do you understand? The Pharmaceutical Agency Network provides pharmaceutical investment agency information and a platform for pharmaceutical companies and pharmaceutical information inquiry. If you want to learn more about it, you can visit our website.


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