"CCTV Discovery Journey" broadcasts "Antioxidant Sword-Hydrogen"


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"CCTV Discovery Journey" broadcasts "Antioxidant Sword-Hydrogen"

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On February 3, 2016, CCTV's Discovery Journey "Health Camp" broadcasted a popular science documentary "Antioxidant Sword-Hydrogen". This film is an introduction by domestic experts on the concept of hydrogen medicine.

Hydrogen: the most superior antioxidant, no toxic side effects




With the deepening of research in the field of hydrogen molecular biology, more and more unique functions of hydrogen have been discovered. Hydrogen not only has a selective antioxidant effect, but also has the characteristics of strong diffusion and permeability. The very few found are the most superior antioxidants without any side effects.




Director Ma Xuemei said: Hydrogen molecule is the smallest molecule. It can actually enter our body and reach all parts of the body quickly.




Professor Sun Xuejun said: There are some large molecules such as vitamins. Vitamin C and vitamin E are also anti-oxidation and reduction substances. It is difficult for them to enter the inside of proteins, but hydrogen can enter. Hydrogen has its own characteristics and its diffusion The ability is very strong, so from this perspective, hydrogen as an anti-oxidant means and tool, it does have some advantages that other substances do not have.

Hydrogen ranks first in the periodic table of chemical elements


氢元素排在化学元素周期表的第一位,是宇宙中最小、最轻、最多的元素,宇宙中90% 人体中63%的元素都是氢,大自然中的水就是氢的仓库,氢氧结合成为水,孕育了大自然中的生命,可见氢气、氧气对于地球万物生命的重要,那么人体如何获得充足的氢氧分子呢?


The hydrogen element ranks first in the periodic table of chemical elements. It is the smallest, lightest, and most numerous element in the universe. 90% of the elements in the human body are hydrogen. The water in nature is the storage of hydrogen. Oxygen combines to become water, giving birth to life in nature. It can be seen that hydrogen and oxygen are important for life on earth. How can the human body obtain sufficient hydrogen and oxygen molecules?


氢动力:氢呼吸 好睡眠


Hydrogen power: hydrogen breathing, good sleep


氢动力:氢呼吸 好睡眠


氢动力:氢呼吸 好睡眠


With hydrogen, the anti-oxidant sword, the Great Wall of our human health will be indestructible. "Hydrogen" is so magical and full of charm. The exploration of it is just the beginning. The application of hydrogen will continue to bring us new ideas. Surprise.

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