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Time of issue:   2022-07-08 14:05:35.006

At present, some studies believe that the acupuncture effect of the TENS acupuncture pen is only a psychological suggestion. The premise of the role of psychological suggestion is that the person being suggested (patient) has a clear consciousness, and can respond to and believe the suggestion.

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Some acupuncture researchers and clinicians have long published many articles proving that the acupuncture treatment of TENS acupuncture pen can treat clinical conditions such as coma, shock, vegetative state, and delayed recovery after anesthesia. In this state, the patient cannot identify the external cues at all, or the ability to identify is extremely weak, and the TENS acupuncture pen treatment is not enough to produce cues for the patient.

During high-frequency treatment, the curative effect of the acupuncture group of TENS acupuncture pens was more than 45%. The effect of the TENS acupuncture pen on psychological suggestion in clinical research varies greatly, and there are many influencing factors. However, the difference between the penetrating and non-penetrating virtual acupuncture groups of the TENS acupuncture pen was not significant.

When the TENS acupuncture pen was used for high-frequency treatment, the curative effect of the virtual control group did not increase with the increase of the treatment frequency, and was mostly about 23%, so the difference between the acupuncture group and the virtual acupuncture group was very significant. This phenomenon is also evident in treatment with a TENS acupuncture pen or laser.

Through the above analysis, it is considered that it is extremely inappropriate to interpret the acupuncture effect of the TENS acupuncture pen as the effect of psychological suggestion.

Through the above analysis of whether the TENS acupuncture pen has a psychological suggestion effect, hope it helps you.


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