Difference between Vibra-Infrared Sauna and traditional sauna


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Time of issue:   2022-07-08 14:05:35.174

The temperature of the traditional sauna is as high as 75 degrees or more. People stay in such an environment for 5-10 minutes at most, during which they will feel chest tightness, shortness of breath and discomfort. The temperature in the far-infrared sauna is about 40 degrees, and people can stay in it for a long time (generally about 50 minutes is the most suitable). The material of Vibra-Infrared Sauna can release far-infrared rays with a wavelength of 8-14 microns, which can directly penetrate Deep in the human skin, the detoxification effect is quite obvious.

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If people have been in a traditional sauna, they know that they are very uncomfortable after a sauna, and they will definitely feel bad if they don't take a bath. And the sweat after Vibra-Infrared Sauna does not have any odor, why? Vibra-Infrared Sauna emits far infrared rays and negative ions in large quantities. Most people's constitutions are weakly acidic, and weakly acidic constitutions are the breeding ground for various viruses and cancer cells. That is to say, weak alkaline constitution is good. Vibra-Infrared Sauna detoxifies and sweats at low temperature, moisturizing skin care, the skin feels smooth and refreshed, the mood is relaxed and happy, the body muscles are completely relaxed, and there is no fatigue.

Positive effects of using Vibra-Infrared Sauna: It removes toxins, burns calories, reduces cellulite, improves the body's digestive system, relieves muscle soreness, relieves joint inflammation, improves peripheral blood circulation, lowers blood pressure in the body, is good for skin health and Resilience has positive effects, reduces stress, relaxes the mind, relieves headaches and reduces fatigue.

Through the above introduction and analysis of Vibra-Infrared Sauna, hope it helps you.